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What to Expect After Getting Partial Dentures

What to Expect After Getting Partial Dentures – New Update 2023

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You can get total or partial dentures depending on the teeth that are present in your mouth.

Dentures are one of the top replacements for your missing teeth if you don’t want to undergo invasive procedures like crowns or implants. You can get total or partial dentures depending on the teeth that are present in your mouth. They will work and look just like your natural dentition. However, these do not necessarily feel natural, but you will get used to them as time passes. With the quick advancement in technology, dentures have become much more comfortable and customized. They will fit snugly into your gum design and are retentive enough to fully bear the load of chewing. When you receive new dentures, you might have problems with talking, chewing, or yawning and general discomfort. Read on to learn what you should expect after getting partial dentures.

Sore and Red Gums

The denture will sit on the gums, and sometimes, if the upper partial dentures or the lower jaw partial dentures don’t fit on well, it can make the gums swollen and sore. The sore spots might be because of the tipping of the dentures, sharp edges on the inner side, ill-fitted edges, or excessive pressure located on the gums. It is crucial to note that the design and edges of the gums play an important role as well. If the gums are sharp and have narrow edges, then they can also be a reason for ill-fitted dentures. Talk to your dentist about the redness of your gums; if needed, they’ll trim the denture according to your gum contour.

Your Speech Might Get Slurry

Your tongue, muscles, and the rest of your teeth are used to your natural dentition. When you begin wearing dentures, it may take some time for the teeth to get fully adjusted to the new prosthesis. Thus, you could experience some difficulty in speaking or saying certain letters. Your dentists can help you practice the speech and pronunciation of specific words. Mostly, the issue arises when the front teeth’ partial dentures are worn. The dentist might trim the denture based on the edges and overhangs too.

You Might Have to Follow Certain Food Restrictions

While the dentures help you chew and eat, there might be a few different food restrictions when you wear them. However, partial dentures don’t need a lot of food restrictions, but your dentist will advise you to avoid sticky foods, nuts, hard candies, chicken, or more until the denture finally sits well.

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