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What is Black Fungal Infection During Covid? What are the Symptoms and Treatment?

What is Black Fungal Infection During Covid? What are the Symptoms and Treatment? – New Update 2023

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Black fungus infection during covid: There has been considerable news recently (May 2021) of the increased instances of a black fungus infection (mucormycosis) affecting patients who have recovered from covid.

This is an extremely aggressive fungal infection that can be fatal, if not diagnosed early. Dental clinical examination is necessary to diagnose this in a timely fashion. The classical signs include a blocked nose and sinus, heaviness around the nose, multiple points of pus discharge in the gums, blackish appearance of the overlying skin.

How Do You Identify the Symptoms of Infection?

As the black fungal infection spreads, the most distinctive feature is a facial deformity. However, some symptoms of infection can also impair sensory and vital organs.
Broadly, here are some sharp signs and signs of identification:

Excruciating Headache:
Fungal infections can be mainly harmful when a patient ingests fungal molds and attacks the sinus cavities and nerves. This, in turn, causes a person to experience symptoms such as constant pain and headache.

Vision Impairment:
Experts warn that eye changes or vision impairment can also be a warning sign of an outbreak. As the black fungus grows and spreads, vision can also be distorted. Some people may also experience swelling in one eye, have blurred or poor eyesight, or develop bloodshot eyes.

Swelling of the Cheeks, Eyes, or Parts of the Face:
Swelling, localized pain on the cheekbone, or experiencing unilateral facial pain or numbness may also be primary markers of infection at this time.
Apart from inflammation, fungal infections can also affect the health of the skin and can lead to many lesions, necrosis-like symptoms.

Changed Mental State, Confusion:
Since fungal infections are known to make their way into the brain upon inhalation, doctors warn that severe symptoms such as delirium, memory loss, neurological impairment, the altered mental status may indicate that the patient needs attention.

The Blackness Around The Bridge of The Nose:
The facial deformity is the primary feature of infection. In the most severe cases, the infection can result in the formation of dark spots around the eyes, nose. In some cases, a sporadic growth of fungal infection can cause a person to lose their teeth or jaw.

What Is The Treatment?

Treatment of mucormycosis (fungal infections) may require a team of doctors of many specialties, including Dental surgeons, ENT surgeons, ophthalmologists, neurologists, intensivists, endocrinologists, microbiologists, and maxillofacial surgeons.

Since poor blood sugar control is the most important risk factor, treatment is necessary for blood sugar control. Treatment of infection requires a combination of drugs and surgery.

Some antifungal drugs are effective in killing the virus and should be started as soon as possible. These are given as injections upon hospitalization. Unfortunately, the drugs themselves are unable to fully control the infection and must be combined with surgical removal of infected tissue.

How Can We Prevent This?

Good blood sugar control is a must for all patients with diabetes. The use of steroids during the treatment of covid19 makes it even more important.

Regular blood sugar monitoring is essential for all patients using oral steroids. This also applies to patients who do not have diabetes and should be continued even after being discharged from Covid-19. Self-prescribed and uncontrolled use of steroids should be strictly avoided.

These are life-saving drugs when used judiciously but have the potential to cause various complications when used improperly. Early diagnosis and treatment can also go a long way in controlling this otherwise life-threatening condition.

Amongst post-covid patients, particularly the patients with uncontrolled diabetes, and heavy steroid use during covid are at higher risk. This information is issued in the public interest.

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