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Quantifying the benefits of Offshoring

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Somos un pequeño grupo de apasionados profesionales de la odontología que han estado escribiendo artículos para el público durante más de 10 años. Nuestra misión es proporcionar información precisa y actualizada sobre la salud bucal para que las personas puedan tomar decisiones informadas sobre su atención dental.
Sabemos que una excelente salud bucal es esencial para la salud y el bienestar general, y estamos comprometidos a ayudar a nuestros lectores a lograr y mantener dientes y encías saludables.

benefits of offshoring

The 1990s presented a tough time for America as organizations faced a colossal skill gap due to the advent of the tech revolution. That’s when US employers first turned to Indian talent for assistance. Since then, the trend has only gotten more assertive, and today, India ranks among the most sought-after countries for offshore business services, especially in the tech field.

Offshoring to India helps businesses save up on a considerable amount of costs. Moreover, the benefits of offshoring to India go much beyond just monetary. India is the most attractive offshoring destination due to its people skills and availability, business environment, digital resonance, and, most importantly, financial competitiveness. Here’s a list.

Here’s a list of benefits of Offshoring


Worker salaries

One of the most outsourced services in India is Software Development. The hourly wage of a developer in India is about  three times lesser than that in the US, even with the same profile and job role. That’s because the cost of living in India is far less than in the US. According to, an American’s cost of living is about 79% more than that of Indians.

Work Salaries

Employee Benefits


Employee Benefits

Hiring offshore staffing services helps you save on employee overhead costs such as insurance, payroll taxes, etc.


Hiring and Training costs

The first and foremost reason companies hire offshore employees is their skill and expertise. Offshore employees are already trained professionals who can start contributing to your organization from day one onwards. By employing them, you can eliminate the training costs of hiring new employees.

Hring Training Costs

Office Space


Office space

Hiring offshore staffing services helps you save on employee overhead costs such as insurance, payroll taxes, etc.


Tax incentives

Usually, governments of popular offshoring destinations like India, Malaysia, and the Philippines, offer tax benefits and financial incentives to attract investment from foreign businesses. For example, the Indian government set up SEZs or Special Economic Zones, designated duty-free regions. Establishments in these specific enclaves enjoy massive tax compensations and other benefits.

Tax Incentives

Don’t believe us? After all, numbers don’t lie! Let’s take a closer look at some statistics.

Salaries Graph

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wide pool of IT talent from India. Our offshore facilities in Noida and Chennai, India comprise best-in-class infrastructure and support systems to help companies launch time-critical business initiatives with qualified technical talent. Speak to our staffing experts and learn more about how we can help you benefit with our offshore staffing services.

According to Payscale, a Software Developer in India earns a base salary of about 541,310 INR per annum.

Besides lower worker salaries, India offers an unmatched pool of IT talent due to a high number of tech graduates. This widens the range of options and guarantees quality hiring for employers.

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Somos un pequeño grupo de personas apasionadas que han estado escribiendo artículos dentales durante los últimos años. Creemos que una buena salud oral es la clave para una vida feliz y saludable. Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar información precisa y actualizada sobre todos los aspectos de la odontología para que nuestros lectores puedan tomar decisiones informadas sobre su salud bucal.
Sabemos que elegir un dentista o un tratamiento dental puede ser abrumador, pero esperamos que nuestros artículos ayuden a que el proceso sea un poco más fácil.
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