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How to get rid of reoccurring mouth ulcers

How to get rid of reoccurring mouth ulcers – Nouvelle mise à jour 2023

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They may be common, but mouth ulcers can be uncomfortable, particularly when eating and drinking. Most of the time, these little nuisances go away of their own accord and don’t show themselves again for a long time. However, long-lasting, or reoccurring mouth ulcers may be a sign of deeper issues, so it is best to get it checked out by a dentist. Within this blog we look at how to treat reoccurring mouth ulcers. Plus, we look at the associated risk factors.

Treating mouth ulcers

It is essential to deal with a mouth ulcer effectively to ensure that the healing time is swift, and the area is not further damaged. Some key tips on how to ensure the area is treated properly have been detailed below:

  • Minimising or stopping smoking all together can help the area heal quickly.
  • If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment such as braces, then try and have the situation looked at by the dentist to avoid further aggravation of the area.
  • Try and consume a balanced and healthy diet to ensure you are getting the right vitamins and minerals.
  • Use a soft bristled brush and sensitive toothpaste, to avoid being too abrasive within your mouth.
  • Try and avoid any hard foods or foods that are particularly hot due to avoid irritating the ulcer further.
  • Use a mouth ulcer gel if required, they can be purchased from pharmacies.

However, if you notice that the ulcer is particularly problematic then professional help will be required, for example if the issue persists for more than two weeks or is causing significant discomfort.

Mouth ulcer risk factors

In many cases a mouth ulcer is not something that you can prevent, although there are some factors which can create an environment for mouth ulcers to potentially form. Some of these risk factors have been detailed below.:

  • Smoking can inhibit the mouth healing correctly and increase chances of ulcers.
  • A poorly fitting denture can potentially rub against your mouth, leading to irritation and ulcers.
  • Some types of medications can increase your risk of mouth ulcers, including beta-blockers.
  • It is possible for braces, especially metal ones, to irritate your mouth and lead to ulcers.
  • A lack of vitamin B12 or iron can increase risk to ulcers.
  • If you frequently bite your cheeks then it can lead to ulcer development, this can be caused due to poor bite alignment.
  • Consuming hot food can mean your mouth becomes burned and ulcers form.
  • If you are under a high amount of stress, then you can be more likely to develop ulcers.
  • Hormonal changes such as the ones experienced during pregnancy can increase ulcer risk.
  • If you are particularly rough or abrasive when brushing your mouth, then it can cause irritation and ulcers.
  • Alcohol consumption can also potentially impact your risk of mouth ulcers as it affects the balance of bacteria in the mouth.

Painless mouth ulcers

Most mouth ulcers are normally painful, therefore if you notice something which you believe is a mouth ulcer, but it is in fact painless then it may be another issue. Some potentially painless issues that may appear like mouth ulcers on the surface, have been detailed below:

  • Mouth Cancer: This is the least likely issue you are suffering from; however, it should still be considered. If you have painless white/red patches within your mouth, then it is best to have this checked by your dentist.
  • Leukoplakia: In this scenario you will notice white/greyish patches within your mouth, and often it arises due to irritation from smoking. While they can be sensitive, they are usually painless.
  • Oral Lichen Planus: This is a common auto immune condition of the mucous membrane with the mouth. It is noticeable through the white patches it causes in the mouth and can be painless in some scenarios.
  • Oral Thrush: This issue will lead to white patches to form inside the mouth and potentially can leave a bad taste within the mouth. It is caused by a build-up of yeast. Sometimes this can be caused by antibiotic treatment which has suppressed the bacteria within the mouth or using steroidal inhalers.

However, it is essential to get medical attention to evaluate the issue you may have.

From simple treatments to complex therapies, we are proud to say we cover all varieties of dentistry. If you are struggling with an oral issue and need some advice, contact us today.

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Nous sommes un petit groupe de passionnés qui écrivons des articles dentaires depuis quelques années. Nous croyons qu’une bonne santé bucco-dentaire est la clé d’une vie heureuse et saine. Notre objectif est de fournir des informations précises et à jour sur tous les aspects de la dentisterie afin que nos lecteurs puissent prendre des décisions éclairées concernant leur santé bucco-dentaire.
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