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How to Embrace Casual Photography in Design

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Somos un pequeño grupo de apasionados profesionales de la odontología que han estado escribiendo artículos para el público durante más de 10 años. Nuestra misión es proporcionar información precisa y actualizada sobre la salud bucal para que las personas puedan tomar decisiones informadas sobre su atención dental.
Sabemos que una excelente salud bucal es esencial para la salud y el bienestar general, y estamos comprometidos a ayudar a nuestros lectores a lograr y mantener dientes y encías saludables.

Posed content is out, while casual photography is in. Learn how to create relatable experiences by bringing your branding down to earth.

Gone are the days of perfectly curated and filtered content. Instagram and other social platforms have drastically changed over the last few years. The pandemic especially transformed these platforms.

Influencers and brands were forced to let their guards down. There’s no room for anyone to keep up with overly posed, perfect photography. We’ve officially moved into a new era of casual content creation in both photography and design.

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What Is Casual Photography?

The casual photography aesthetic is a shift from maximized curation to more real, gritty, and everyday content. It’s a huge shift from intentionally thought out Instagram posts that dominated feeds not long ago.

This means more authentic, in-the-moment, less makeup, blurry-styled photos and video. It moves away from overly edited and filtered photos to a glance into someone’s more realistic life.

This movement began a few years back, but the pandemic catapulted us into this new aesthetic quickly. Pre-pandemic, there was a feeling of frustration from repetitive and overly staged photos.

The rise of TikTok also played a part in this ethos. COVID-19 caused many influencers and brands to connect with their audience in real ways via social media.

Life may be back to a new normal now, but casual photography shows no signs of slowing down. This is something we all craved.

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Casual Aesthetics in Marketing

Not only is this photography trend seen on social media, it also bleeds over into marketing. Although this aesthetic is more focused on influencers, brands are adapting to the change. Brands have an opportunity to let their audience see more of their inner worlds.

Beyond photography, there are ways to implement casual aesthetics into your marketing through graphic design, typography, video, and branding.

Graphic Design

Similar to a more relaxed photography style, this presents itself with a down-to-earth feeling in graphic design.

This can be translated through imperfect handwritten elements, less curated design, and a more blasé attitude about following the rules of design.

Designs can be imperfect. Focus on portraying a casual feel, instead of refining to perfection.

Black and white portrait of a woman with handdrawn paint
License this image via Master1305.

A major inspiration to achieve this relaxed look is the zine aesthetic. Misplaced elements, tears, and photocopied paper all come together to create something fresh and casual.

Feel free to experiment with more refined elements, to create juxtaposition here. This can be achieved by, for example, pairing hand-drawn elements with a polished font.


Portray your design’s aesthetic through the right font pairings. To follow this casual look, choose fonts that are imperfect, handwritten, and inconsistent.

Letters of the alphabet in Mad Ballpen font
License this image via Shtonado.

Once you’ve selected your main font, pair it with a polished font to create opposition. This will allow the fonts to contrast and work well together.

Just keep in mind that you don’t want the pair to blend together. You can pair two handwritten fonts together to achieve this look, but look for ones that differ in style, weight, or capitalization.


With TikTok and Instagram Reels becoming gold, video is one of the most valuable facets of content these days. Just like photos, you can achieve a casual style through video.

Embrace less planned and more spontaneous content.

Woman taking a selfie on a city street during the day
License this image via Tirachard Kumtanom.

This is obviously easy to do within the social media platforms. Go outside of those to bring this aesthetic to the next level. Experiment with a casual style in short video campaigns.

Best of all, you don’t need an expensive film crew to achieve any of this.

How to Still Remain Professional as a Brand

It still remains important to uphold your professionalism as a brand, while adopting these new casual elements. You can achieve this by mixing your more polished brand presence with pops of a relaxed aesthetic. This is still a fantastic opportunity to humanize your brand and connect with your customers.

You can also add more causal brand elements in a one-off marketing campaign. It’s all about creating balance. Be open to small ways your brand can be part of this movement, while still staying true to your brand’s foundation.

Positive Impact 

This aesthetic has chipped away at the unattainable pressure to create flawless content. Some can argue that this movement is still performative. But even if so, it’s a start in a more positive direction.

We’re no longer stuck in a cycle of constantly perfect content. This is a big step in a more balanced way of how we consume content and brand messaging.

Company of young people having lunch together on outdoor cottage patio
License this image via BAZA Production.

Gen Z Leads the Way

Gen Z is leading this casual photography overhaul. They grew up in a world of social media and now direct how it evolves.

Mental health has always been a top priority to them. The authenticity of a casual aesthetic is widely embraced. This is seen in how they create their own content . . . and how they respond to a brand’s marketing efforts.

Happy young lady holding coffee and sitting near her male friends on outdoor patio
License this image via Olena Yakobchuk.

This changes how brands have to deliver content. It must speak to the realness of this movement, while still carrying over a professional voice. Brands now have to pull back the curtain, a bit, in order to reach this powerful generation. And still, messaging needs to come from a genuine voice.

As with any new trend, it will be interesting to see how this further develops into new styles of marketing, design, and photography. Whether you’re a content creator, influencer, or brand, you now have tools to make your ethos a little more casual.

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Somos un pequeño grupo de personas apasionadas que han estado escribiendo artículos dentales durante los últimos años. Creemos que una buena salud oral es la clave para una vida feliz y saludable. Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar información precisa y actualizada sobre todos los aspectos de la odontología para que nuestros lectores puedan tomar decisiones informadas sobre su salud bucal.
Sabemos que elegir un dentista o un tratamiento dental puede ser abrumador, pero esperamos que nuestros artículos ayuden a que el proceso sea un poco más fácil.
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