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Somos un pequeño grupo de apasionados profesionales de la odontología que han estado escribiendo artículos para el público durante más de 10 años. Nuestra misión es proporcionar información precisa y actualizada sobre la salud bucal para que las personas puedan tomar decisiones informadas sobre su atención dental.
Sabemos que una excelente salud bucal es esencial para la salud y el bienestar general, y estamos comprometidos a ayudar a nuestros lectores a lograr y mantener dientes y encías saludables.

(Last Updated On: 15 June 2022)

A flexible adhesive is an adhesive that allows for movement in the joint of the items bonded. This is important if a non brittle adhesive bond is required. Adhesives that are not flexible and set hard can become brittle. Adiseal is a high performance flexible adhesive and sealant. It provides a high strength bond that remains flexible and is waterproof. Adiseal is suitable for use on wood, PVC, metal, concrete, stone, marble and many other items.

Why use a flexible adhesive

When trying to stick two items together, sometimes the materials move after they have been bonded. This could be for a number of different reasons including:

  • Temperature changes
  • Vibration
  • Moisture changes
  • Wind
  • Knocks

A non flexible adhesive will set hard. This makes it more likely to be brittle. Due to the brittle nature of the bond, there is a higher chance of the bond failing. A brittle bond can crack, weaken and eventually fail. This is not a problem for a flexible adhesive as it will be able to absorb the movement in the joint without cracking.

Best flexible adhesive

Ultimate Handyman has carried out several adhesive strength tests. In the latest adhesive strength test, the new formula of Adiseal adhesive & sealant was tested along with a number of other adhesives from different manufacturers. In this test Adiseal proved to be the strongest adhesive by far, way stronger than anything else being tested. Nothing came even close to Adiseal. Watch the test in the video below.

Best flexible adhesive. Proven strongest in an independent test. Flexible adhesive for PVC, wood, metal, concrete, brick, ceramic, tile and many other materials. Non brittle adhesive.
Best flexible adhesive. Proven strongest in independent test.

Construction adhesive strength test

To find out which was the strongest construction adhesive, Ultimate Handyman did several tests. In 1 of the tests, he measured at what pressure the adhesive bond broke at between wood to metal. To do this Ultimate Handyman did the following:

  1. Cleaned the metal sheet thoroughly.
  2. Applied each construction adhesive to the hardwood.
  3. Firmly pushed the wood down on the metal.
  4. Waited until each adhesive had cured.
  5. Used a hydraulic ram to break each construction adhesive bond.
  6. Measure at what pressure each bond broke at.


The best adhesive was Adiseal

No other grab adhesive that was tested came anywhere near the best product, Adiseal. It was over 3 times stronger than the next best product. Adiseal was so strong that the test on it was forced to be abandoned as the screws holding the metal sheet down started to rip out. The hydraulic ram seal also broke causing hydraulic ram to leak fluid. Adiseal was too strong for even the test rig. 


Product Max pressure when adhesive bond broke (psi)
Adiseal 3123+
SupaBond 1115
Tec 7 1016
HB42 942
Loctite PL Premium 873
Gorilla Grab Adhesive 862
Bond It PU18 582
Bond It Save Nails 411
Adhesive strength test results.
Strongest adhesive test. Adiseal was the strongest flexible adhesive in the test.

“That is actually unbelievable!”

Ultimate Handyman



Testimonials & some comments on the: Grab adhesive tests 2017, video on YouTube

  • That Adiseal is phenomenal!
  • That Adiseal is some stuff though, definitely need to get some of that bought!
  • I instantly went looking for Adiseal!
  • Need to get my hands on some of that to try out.
  • Looks like a cracking product.
  • Having used the two most expensive brands on numerous occasions, I’ll be trying out the others, especially the Adiseal.
  • Adiseal certainly surprised me in this test!
  • Fantastic tests. It’s unbelievable that Adiseal test with the hardwood.



Adiseal flexible adhesive will provide a extra strong bond on the following items:


Adiseal flexibility demonstration

The video shows how flexible Adiseal adhesive & sealant is.

Flexible adhesive demonstration.

In the above video, Adiseal adhesive was used to bond the bricks. It stays strong and does not break even after the bricks are struck with a hammer a number of times. The adhesive absorbs the impact of the hammer instead of breaking.

Flexible PVC adhesive

Adiseal is a strong flexible PVC adhesive. It will provide a strong bond on PVC and many other plastics but it’s not suitable for polypropylene or polyethylene. To get the strongest bond, making sure both surfaces are thoroughly clean is very important. Adiseal is a strong flexible PVC adhesive for PVC cladding, PVC trunking, PVC pipes and many other items.

Flexible wood adhesive

Adiseal is also a strong flexible wood adhesive. It will provide a strong bond on all different types of wood. It is important to make sure both surfaces are thoroughly clean before applying the adhesive to get the strongest bond.


Adiseal Applications and Benefits

Adiseal bonds and seals:

Bonds: Metals, wood, glass, mirrors, concrete, masonry, stone, tiles, polystyrene, roof felt, fibreglass, most plastics and many other items.

Seals: Baths, showers, gutters, drains, sinks, vehicles, boats, felt roofs and many other applications.

Other benefits of Adiseal adhesive and sealant include:

Adiseal is available in the following colours:

It can be manufactured in any RAL colour.


Frequently asked questions about flexible adhesive

What is the best flexible adhesive?

In an independent adhesive strength test, Adiseal was found to be the best adhesive. It was a lot stronger than all the other products that were tested. In the wood to metal adhesive strength test, Adiseal flexible adhesive was way stronger than anything else.

Where to buy flexible adhesive?

In the UK, Adiseal can be purchased from stockists. For other countries Adiseal products can also be purchased from

What is a flexible adhesive?

A flexible adhesive is an adhesive that allows for movement and does not set hard. Non-flexible adhesives can crack, weaken and even break when there is movement of the items that are bonded with the non-flexible adhesive. With a flexible adhesive, the bond will absorb the movement without becoming weak.

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Somos un pequeño grupo de personas apasionadas que han estado escribiendo artículos dentales durante los últimos años. Creemos que una buena salud oral es la clave para una vida feliz y saludable. Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar información precisa y actualizada sobre todos los aspectos de la odontología para que nuestros lectores puedan tomar decisiones informadas sobre su salud bucal.
Sabemos que elegir un dentista o un tratamiento dental puede ser abrumador, pero esperamos que nuestros artículos ayuden a que el proceso sea un poco más fácil.
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