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Access World Expands Gulf Coast to West Coast Drayage Fleet with Seven New Trucks

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Somos un pequeño grupo de apasionados profesionales de la odontología que han estado escribiendo artículos para el público durante más de 10 años. Nuestra misión es proporcionar información precisa y actualizada sobre la salud bucal para que las personas puedan tomar decisiones informadas sobre su atención dental.
Sabemos que una excelente salud bucal es esencial para la salud y el bienestar general, y estamos comprometidos a ayudar a nuestros lectores a lograr y mantener dientes y encías saludables.

To better handle the expanding capacity needs of its growing client base, Access World is proud to announce the purchase of seven new heavy-duty drayage trucks to expand its fleet: three in the Houston Foreign Trade Zone Warehouse and four in the Los Angeles Foreign Trade Zone Warehouse.

This strategic addition brings coverage to key entry points for trade in both the Gulf Coast and the West Coast at two of the largest and busiest port cities in the world.

As a world-renowned third party logistics (3PL) provider, Access World is dedicated to procuring only the best and most reliable transloading solutions for its clients. The addition of seven Kenworth T880s is the perfect expansion to the company’s growing portfolio of logistics assets. The expanded fleet provides critical support to clients seeking drayage solutions in both the Houston and Los Angeles Foreign Trade Zone Warehouses.

The Kenworth T880’s are all in compliance with the latest and strictest environmental guidelines for 2021 with best in class fuel efficiency.

Since 2001 Access World has been operating in the US, creating easy transloading solutions that efficiently deliver goods from ports all over the world. Drayage can often be a bottleneck to port warehouses, and this expansion signals Access World’s continued commitment to proactively provide solutions for its clients. This vision ensures clients feel minimal impacts caused by supply chain issues and FTZ warehouse capacity limitations.

Access World’s Houston location now provides key services to clients which include:

  • Up to 59,000 lb heavy weight drayage
  • Up to 36,000 lb lift capacity
  • UP and BNSF rail service
  • Foreign Trade Zone and Liquor handling
  • USDA approved
  • Warehousing and Trucking
  • Ocean Freight (NVOCC) and Air Freight
  • 6 New Tri-Axle Chassis

Key commodities stored in the Houston warehouse include:

  • Consumer goods
  • Various Metals
  • Forest products
  • Oils, polymers, and chemicals
  • Renewable energy goods
  • Food aid exports
  • Project cargo

Legal weight and lightweight containers can also be serviced by the fleet, ensuring that no shipment of goods, no matter its volume, is left without a solution. Access World has every base covered to meet the needs of all its clients; from global enterprise, to small and medium sized businesses.

The Los Angeles facility, located in the Overweight Container Corridor, provides supply chain function support with services that include:

  • Up to 55,000 lb heavy weight drayage
  • Up to 55,000 lb lift capacity
  • Exchange metal approved (LME)
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Warehousing and Trucking
  • Ocean Freight (NVOCC) and Air Freight
  • 8 New Tri-Axle Chassis

Some key commodities stored in the Los Angeles FTZ warehouse are:

  • Consumer goods
  • Various metals
  • Forest products
  • Oils, polymers, and chemicals
  • Renewable energy goods
  • Agricultural goods
  • Project cargo

Why Choose Access World?

The strategic move to expand the trucking fleet in Houston and Los Angeles provides the clients of Access World expanded capacity, especially during this historic truck capacity shortage in the US. This gives the 3PL provider greater control over critical functions in the supply chain, which in turn adds a direct benefit to all clients.

Access World aims to be one step ahead of global supply chain issues. As a result, logistic interruptions are often minimized for its clients. Paying close attention to global trade issues and trends is one way that the company is able to provide the white-glove transloading service importers and exporters rely on, expect, and deserve.

As a true global 3PL provider, Access World has a proven track record of reliably helping businesses in cities all over the world with custom tailored supply chain solutions since 1933. Contact Access World today to learn more about the 3PL program, FTZ warehouse storage, transloading and logistics, or any importing and exporting questions that arise.

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Somos un pequeño grupo de personas apasionadas que han estado escribiendo artículos dentales durante los últimos años. Creemos que una buena salud oral es la clave para una vida feliz y saludable. Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar información precisa y actualizada sobre todos los aspectos de la odontología para que nuestros lectores puedan tomar decisiones informadas sobre su salud bucal.
Sabemos que elegir un dentista o un tratamiento dental puede ser abrumador, pero esperamos que nuestros artículos ayuden a que el proceso sea un poco más fácil.
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